Penguin Coffee – 1.2L Cold Brew Coffee Maker – Now Available!

$ 34.95

  • Version 2.0 NOW Available! Same great look. Completely reengineered. All based on user feedback and suggestions. Thanks guys! RE-Designed for Version 2.0 from scratch with the same goal. Brew amazing cold brew coffee. BETTER DESIGN. BETTER COFFEE.
  • STRONGER GLASS – We made the pitcher thicker and improved the tempering for better glass durability. Now it just feels solid! BETTER THREADS. We added machine cut, precision micro-threads to the removable end cap for easier and more reliable use. TOUGHER FILTER. TOUGHER WELDS. We used a thicker stainless steel for the outer filter layer for increased strength. We strengthened the welds holding it all together…. and then doubled the number of welds just for good measure.
  • BETTER FILTER – Our unique, woven, stainless steel, MicroMesh inner filter layer has microscopic holes. 40 microns to be precise. That’s millionths of a meter! Those microscopic holes do a much better job keeping coffee grounds where they belong. No more coffee dust in your cup. In fact, the filter works so well you can even use pre-ground coffee! SAVE SOME TIME.
  • EXQUISITELY SOURCED MATERIALS – Handblown, durable borosilicate glass. Dual layer, surgical grade stainless steel, dual layer filter with MicroMesh inner filter, food grade silicone. No plastics!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our tiny group of cold brew coffee loving geeks envisioned, tested, engineered and built this cold brew coffee maker from scratch. And then re-engineered it based on customer feedback. We are super proud of the results! However, if you are not as pleased as we are within 90 days, we will cheerfully either make it right or refund your money. We love it! WE WANT YOU TO LOVE IT!

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